haomei aluminum profile,aluminium profile

quality system

aluminum profile,Aluminium extrusions production quality system

Extrusion: ISO 9001
Powder Coating: Qualicoat - Seaside, Qualideco
Anodizing: Ewaa-Euras
Polyamide: ATG
Profiles with Thermal Break System: NF 252
Testing of Thermal Break according to european standards EN 14024
Haomei Aluminum is QUALITY. 
This characteristic is intrinsic to each and all of the phases of its production process. From its
Quality Control Department, daily exhaustive controls are carried out of all the variables, in each procedure with the objective of reaching the highest standards in this matter.
The appropriate selection of raw materials and control of all the parameters that influence the extrusion technique supported by the ISO 9001 international certification, guarantee the quality of the extruded material.
For its part, the meticulous work carried out regarding surface treatments, has resulted in achieving the most demanding European quality certificates such as “QUALICOAT”, “QUALIDECO” & “SEA SIDE”, for the painting process, and the “EWWA-EURAS” certificate for the anodizing process,  that recognise and guarantees a high level of quality.
  The quality of the Haomei final product, is based on the strict tests carried out both in national and international official laboratories, as well as by technical personnel in its own test centres.